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Interrogation Of Salvor Lermatov

Warhammer 40,000

Interrogation Of Salvor Lermatov

A Vaults of Terra audio drama

Captured by the Inquisition, can the self-styled freedom fighter Salvor Lermentov convince the formidable Inquisitor Crowl to spare his life and take him into the Inquisition's service?

It continues the story of the agitator and would-be hero Salvor Lermentov from Carrion Throne: The Vaults of Terra and poses interesting questions about just what the Imperium needs…

Salvor Lermentov, Astra Militarum officer turned would-be freedom fighter, languishes in a dark cell deep within an Inquisition fortress. Captured for the crime of treachery, he is sure of his innocence – for did he not aid a servant of the Inquisition in preventing a grievous threat to Terra itself? As he and Inquisitor Crowl match wits in an interrogation, Lermentov outlines his reasons for deserting – but Inquisitor Crowl knows darker truths about the Imperium of Man, and with them in mind, can he possibly allow this traitor to live?

Written by Chris Wraight. Running time 22 minutes. Performed by John Banks and David Seddon

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