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Ragnar's Claw

Warhammer 40,000

Ragnar's Claw

Book 2 of the Space Wolf Series

Grandfather Nurgle spreads a deadly plague across an Imperial planet. The young Ragnar Blackmane responds to the Inquisition’s call for aid, but can he save the world in time?

It's a rip-roaring action-adventure tale that pits the Young Wolf and his pack against the might of the forces of the Plague God. It's got a very memorable Great Unclean One and an insight into the Space Wolves' relationship with the Inquisition.

A deadly plague is ravaging the planet of Aerius, and millions of Imperial citizens are dying. Inquisitor Sternberg turns to the fearsome Space Wolves for aid in recovering the ancient Talisman of Lykos, which he believes can cure the corruption ravaging the world. Ragnar Blackmane and his squad of Blood Claws embark on a near-suicidal mission to retrieve the talisman before it is too late. But this is no ordinary plague, and the servants of Nurgle await the Space Wolves. Will they be able to overcome the forces of Chaos, or is Aerius doomed?

Written by William King. Narrated by Phillip Sacramento. Running time is 10 hours and 46 minutes (approx).

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