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The Eagle's Talon

The Horus Heresy

The Eagle's Talon

A Horus Heresy audio drama

As the Battle of Tallarn rages on the surface below, an elite team of Imperial Fists infiltrate the macro-transporter Eagle’s Talon in order to delay the traitor reinforcements...

This audio recreates a tense boarding action via a series of linked 'found extracts' of Imperial Fists vox-communications. This unique take on the Black Library audio drama makes for a immersive and gripping listen.

The ravaged world of Tallarn now plays host to the greatest armoured conflict in the history of mankind, with the bitter and vengeful Iron Warriors leading warhosts of tanks and Titans across the befouled plains. In desperation, a covert team of Imperial Fists resort to seemingly unthinkable measures in order to regain the upper hand - but will their mission to seize the macro-transporter Eagle's Talon ensure victory, or merely spell doom for their loyal allies on the surface below?

Written by John French. Running time 39 minutes. Performed by Annie Aldington, Sean Barrett, Luke Thompson and Saul Reichlin.

Free Extracts:


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