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Hunter's Moon

The Horus Heresy

Hunter's Moon

A Horus Heresy audio drama

The Space Wolves attempt to root out treachery in the Legions, bringing them into conflict with the secretive Alpha Legion. Now, the Heresy has reached the ocean world of Pelago...

You'll discover the fate of another of Leman Russ' watch packs, the Space Wolves sent to keep the primarchs in line after Magnus' "betrayal". This is the lot sent to watch Alpharius... Probably fair to say it's not a terribly happy ending for them.

As sanctioned executioners, the Wolves of Fenris were tasked with rooting out treachery at the heart of the Legions... but would they be capable of carrying out a death sentence upon one of the Emperor's own sons? Now, a stolen Alpha Legion dropship crashes on the primitive oceanic world of Pelago, bringing news of a terrible war that has erupted out among the stars. Will the pursuing traitors, thirsty for vengeance, reach the lone survivor before his own battle-brothers can?

Running time approx. 35 mins. Performed by Gareth Armstrong, Martyn Ellis, Jonathan Keeble, Angus King and Toby Longworth. Written by Guy Haley.

The prose version of this audio drama is available in Legacies of Betrayal, book XXXI of the Horus Heresy.

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