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Agent of the Throne: Truth and Dreams

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Agent of the Throne: Truth and Dreams

An Inquisition audio drama

Inqusitorial agent Ianthe pursues her quarry, but falls foul of local authorities and ends up in prison – with the very rogue psyker she is sworn to capture.

John French's spin-off saga from the Horusian Wars continues, and it puts Ianthe in a unique – and extremely dangerous – situation.

As an agent of the Throne, former soldier Ianthe serves Inquisitor Covenant and faces some of the most dangerous and insidious threats the galaxy has to offer.

On the hunt for the rogue psyker Silas Norn, Ianthe and her associates run afoul of the Imperial authorities and are imprisoned. Norn too is captured and incarcerated, but with the ability to manipulate the minds of his victims he is far from easy quarry. To stop him, Ianthe must not only find him, she must overcome the buried ghosts of her hidden past.

Written by John French

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