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The Red Duke

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The Red Duke

A Warhammer Fantasy Battles novel

After centuries asleep, the villainous vampire known as the Red Duke is awakened and stalks the night again, bringing a new reign of terror to the lands of Bretonnia.

The master of Warhammer horror brings a good old-fashioned vampire tale that mixes the classic tropes of the genre with the unique setting of Bretonnia.

Once a valorous and honourable knight of the realm, the Red Duke was betrayed and struck down in battle but rose again before death could truly claim him. As a bloodthirsty vampire lord he undertook a long campaign of butchery and terror before being defeated once more, and entombed for all time so that he could never again menace the Old World. But centuries later the witch Jacquetta resurrects this ancient evil, and the Red Duke stalks the night again – a new reign of terror plagues the lands of Bretonnia!

Written by C L Werner

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