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A Horus Heresy novella

Corax's crusade against the traitors continues, but the primarch's past mistakes threaten his Legion's future as they liberate a prison colony.

Corax's mistakes come back to haunt him. The story of the Raptors – the mutated Raven Guard the primarch created in Deliverance Lost – is far from over, and this is another step towards its conclusion.

As the Horus Heresy grinds on, Corax and the remnants of his once mighty Legion now wage an entirely different kind of war – liberating worlds oppressed by traitor forces, they gather more and more followers to their banner, disrupting the Warmaster’s influence wherever they can. But after an unexpected reunion with a fellow survivor of Isstvan V, the Raven Guard learn of the prison colony of Carandiru and soon realise that they must face the ghosts of their past on Deliverance yet again if they are to prevail.

Written by Gav Thorpe. MP3 running time 3 hours and 40 minutes. Read by John Banks.

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