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Path of the Outcast

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Path of the Outcast

Path of the Eldar book 3

Reaving his way across the galaxy in a pirate warband, Aradryan crosses swords with many alien foes. When one of them attacks Alaitoc, the craftworld's fate is in Aradryan's hands.

It's the final instalment in Gav Thorpe's trilogy exploring the ways and wars of the eldar, focusing on the outcasts who leave the Paths of the Craftworlds, and bringing the tale of Imperial invasion to a close.


Aradryan has chosen to leave his sheltered life on Craftworld Alaitoc and walk the Path of the Outcast, seeking the myriad pleasures and threats the wider galaxy has to offer. Still unfulfilled as a ranger, he is lured into the life of a star pirate, bringing him into conflict with the Imperium of Man. A chain of events is set in motion that could have catastrophic consequences for Alaitoc, forcing Aradryan to take drastic action if his old home is to survive.

Written by Gav Thorpe