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Book 1 of the von Carstein trilogy

Within the Empire, Vlad von Carstein's rise to power at first goes unnoticed. until his land of Sylvania is transformed into a domain of the undead…

It's the start of a 3-book exploration of a dark time for the Empire, when the threat of the Vampire Counts rises and all that Sigmar works for is imperilled.


The first in a blood-drenched trilogy that tells the tale of the Vampire Counts, cruel undead rulers of the cursed land of Sylvania. Within the horror-haunted human Empire, the rise to power of the dark and sinister Vlad von Carstein at first goes unnoticed. However, once he has established his rule in Sylvania, a plague of evil is set loose and the land is transformed into a domain of the undead. Can anyone save the land of the living from this bloodthirsty family of vampires and their terrifying undead armies?

Written by Steven Savile

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