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Hammer and Bolter: Issue 25

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Hammer and Bolter: Issue 25


Gilead’s Curse reaches its penultimate chapter, the future king of Bretonnia meets his goddess and some much-loved characters return: Rogue Trader Brielle, Zavant Konniger… and Alizebeth Bequin.


  • Gilead’s Curse Chapter 11: An army of the dead marches on Nuln and only Gilead and his allies can stand against it in the penultimate instalment of the serialised novel by Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent.
  • The Court Beneath: Phil Kelly makes his Hammer and Bolter debut with a tale from the youth of Bretonnian King Louen Leoncoeur. As he battles a vile necromancer during his grail quest, Louen finds himself outmatched – until he is introduced to the sinister Court Beneath…
  • Cold Trade: Rogue Trader Brielle Gerrit returns in a new story from Andy Hoare. Mixed up in an unpleasant business deal on the backwater world of Quag, Brielle must resort to extreme measures to get out of trouble – deadly trouble.
  • The Problem of Three-Toll Bridge: An Altdorf student is dead after a reckless duel. An Altdorf student is dead after a reckless duel and his killer, young agitator Felix Jaeger, faces execution... Can Zavant Konniger get to the bottom of the affair? A new Zavant tale from Josh Reynolds.
  • Pariah - An Exclusive Extract: Walk the mysterious streets of Queen Mab and discover the secrets of the Maze Undue along with Alizebeth “Beta” Bequin in an exclusive extract from the first book in Dan Abnett’s Ravenor vs Eisenhorn trilogy.

In this issue: new stories from Phil Kelly, Andy Hoare and Josh Reynolds, plus an exclusive extract from Pariah, by Dan Abnett.