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Grudge Bearer

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Grudge Bearer

A Warhammer Fantasy Battles novel

In an epic tale that spans centuries, Barundin battles his way through enemies on a desperate quest to avenge the wrongs against his father and save his people from a terrible war against the dark forces of Chaos.

It's a particularly dwarfy tale, focused on Barundin's many grudges, and getting to the heart of who the dwarfs are and why they live as they do – and the lengths to which they will go to defend their way of life.

When his father dies, Barundin, prince of Zhufbar, becomes king of that realm and lord of one of the mightiest outposts of the ancient and powerful dwarf empire. Over the centuries that follow, he sets out to right many of the wrongs done to his people, fulfilling ancient grudges and bringing death to his foes as he wages war against his father's killers, and strives to protect Zhufbar from the dark forces of Chaos.

Written by Gav Thorpe