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Eclipse of Hope

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Eclipse of Hope

A Blood Angels short story

Chief Librarian Mephiston wrestles with madness once again as the Blood Angels find a world slain in a massacre that defies reason.

It’s not that hard to tip the Blood Angels over the edge into madness (it’s kinda lurking inside them all the time), so when an external force threatens that, it could get very, very dangerous.

When Mephiston and the Blood Angels discover a world slain in a massacre that defies reason, they must unearth the cause of this mass killing but risk their own sanity to do it. Mephiston has fallen to the dark curse that lurks in all the Sons of Sanguinius once before and come back from it. Can he do the same thing again? And even if he does, will he survive the madness of his brothers?

Written by David Annandale

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