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The Contest

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The Contest

A Gotrek and Felix short story

The Old World's greatest adventuring duo return! When a night in a tavern turns nasty, Gotrek is forced to take part in a competition of skill, daring and determination. Can he survive... the Contest?

It's a short tale from a Black Library Advent Calendar of years past that pits the Slayer against a whole host of foes in the most dangerous contest in which he has ever partaken. What is the competition? You'll just have to read it to find out!

Gotrek and Felix: unsung heroes of the Empire, or nothing more than common thieves and murderers? The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between, and depends entirely upon whom you ask...

Sometimes there comes a challenge that cannot be cannot be avoided, a test of skill that must simply be met and bested, lest you fall by the wayside and fail in all your ambitions. In a tavern somewhere in the Old World, the infamous Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson – who has killed trolls, giants, dragons, daemons and more besides – faces a contest that will require all of his skill, daring and determination. The Contest awaits him. Can he survive it?

Written by Jordan Ellinger