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The Bloody-Handed

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The Bloody-Handed

Life as a princess in the colony of Athel Toralien is a constant struggle for recognition and purpose. When Hellebron, daughter of the city's ruler, is snubbed by Queen Morathi, she vows to make a name for herself and claim her rightful place in the court at the capital, Anlec. Her ambition takes her into a life of battles against foul creatures, sectarian war, betrayal and gruesome sacrifice in a dangerous grab for power, as Hellebron seeks to become high priestess of the cult of Khaine, the Lord of Murder, The Bloody-handed God.

Available for the first time in enhanced eBook format. Contains over thirty stunning illustrations by Tiernen Trevallion. A Time of Legends novella by Gav Thorpe. Previously printed as a limited edition novella in 2010.

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