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An Inquisitor is answerable to no one, save the Emperor himself, and their only remit is to protect Mankind at all costs. For an Inquisitor, the end always justifies the means, for they alone can truly begin to comprehend the threats to Mankind's existence. It is this ultimate responsibility, and the differing methods around it, that often sees Inquisitors working against each other. The Black Library has chronicled the deeds of several Inquisitors, namely Gregor Eisenhorn and Gideon Ravenor, written by Dan Abnett, as well as more recently Obodiah Roth, in Henry Zou's Bastion Wars series.

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See an inquisitor on the run… Eisenhorn's enemies gather as he is hunted for a crime he didn't commit, in the second book of the classic series.

Dan Abnett

July 2015

$ 14.00
$ 11.99

Inquisitor Amberley Vail, best known for chronicling the escapades of Commissar Ciaphas Cain, follows the trail of smugglers of alien technology, and finds herself in the middle of something much bigger…

Sandy Mitchell

April 2014

$ 4.99

On a world wracked by storms, Inquisitor Eisenhorn investigates a series of bizarre murders.

November 2013

$ 3.99

Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn and his old friend Harlon Nayl ruminate upon the nature of gods and men as they hunt the killers of a group of archaeologists on an ancient world.

Dan Abnett

December 2012

$ 1.99

An outbreak of violence at an Inquisitorial conclave throws Gregor Eisenhorn into a deadly confrontation with a malevolent psyker - and an even deadlier one with his old friend Gideon Ravenor.

Dan Abnett

November 2012

$ 7.99

Escaping from the Black Library of the eldar, Czevak steals the Atlas Infernal – a living map of the Webway.

Rob Sanders

July 2011

$ 11.99

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