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Path of the Warrior

Path of the Eldar

Path of the Warrior

Book 1 of the Path of the Eldar

When the eldar artist Korlandril feels the call to war, he walks the Path of the Warrior and joins the Striking Scorpions. As his craftworld is drawn into war with the Imperium, Korlandril finds that once he has begun walking that path, it may not be easy to leave it…

It's the start of a unique series that really drills down into who the eldar are, and how their rigid path structure shapes their society and their people – for better or worse.

"We get a rich, convincing sense of the culture of Craftworld Alaitoc, and a layered sense of the majestic tragedy that is the path of the Eldar. We see this on the macro scale, in the events confronting Alaitoc, but on the personal as well, as we follow the transformation of Korlandril from artist to warrior, and the full, terrible loss that comes with that transformation. Gav pulls off a stylistic tour de force that made me gasp when I realised what was happening. The Exarchs speak in hexameter triplets. The effect is subtle, and makes the Exarchs even more alien and forbidding. Not only that, but what is more fitting than to have these legendary warriors speak in the meter of the epics of old? As a reader, I was delighted by the experience. As a writer, I am agog with envy and admiration."
– David Annandale

The ancient eldar are a mysterious race, each devoting their life to a chosen path which will guide their actions and decide their fate. When the artist Korlandril feels the call to war, he abandons peace for the Path of the Warrior. He becomes a Striking Scorpion, a deadly fighter skilled in the art of close-quarters combat. But battle is coming, as Craftworld Alaitoc comes to blows with the vengeful Imperium of Mankind, and the further Korlandril travels down the warrior's path, the closer he gets to losing his identity and becoming an avatar of war. Can he retain his sense of self and still be the weapon Alaitoc needs, or will he be consumed by one of the warrior-spirits of his race?

Written by Gav Thorpe