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The Last Ditch

Ciaphas Cain

The Last Ditch

Book 8 of the Ciaphas Cain series

The Imperium's least willing hero is thrown back into the fight against another alien threat as Commissar Cain returns to a frozen planet to battle an incursion by monstrous orks.

It's a rip-roaring action adventure tale with a few daring twists and a whole load of that typical Ciaphas Cain humour. The opening sequence – involving a dramatic starship crash – is particularly exciting.


Imperial commissar Ciaphas Cain returns to Nusquam Fundumentibus to crush the ork attacks which have been plaguing the frozen planet. But when his ship crashes into the wastelands outside the capital it disturbs a far greater enemy, one which has lain dormant under the permafrost since long before the Imperium came to this world, and could now threaten the whole sector. Faced with ongoing greenskin raids and keeping an over-enthusiastic novice commissar under control, Cain must rally his men and confront whatever emerges from beneath the rapidly melting ice...

Written by Sandy Mitchell

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