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Luna Mendax

Graham McNeill

Luna Mendax

A Horus Heresy Quick Read

Scarred by betrayal and unsure of his place in the war that wracks the galaxy, Knight Errant Garviel Loken seeks sanctuary, but the ghosts of his past haunt him still...

It's a fascinating look at the fractured psyche of everyone's favourite Luna Wolf, and is packed with hints as to the true nature of Chaos and the trials that Loken will face as his future unfolds.

Returning from a secretive mission to Caliban at the command of Malcador the Sigillite, the Knight Errant Garviel Loken finds sanctuary in one of the abandoned bio-domes of Luna. Scarred by betrayal and bewildered by the changing face of the galaxy, the weary warrior is almost unsurprised when he is visited by the long-dead Tarik Torgaddon – is this a sign of a fractured and exhausted mind playing tricks on itself, or truly the spirit of a departed friend?

Written by Graham McNeill

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