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C Z Dunn


When the Word Bearers launch an attack on Fenris, Lukas the Trickster must use all his guile to defend his home planet.

It's the first Black Library tale to focus on Lukas the Trickster, and the fate of the Space Wolves Chapter lies in his hands...

Fenris. One of the mightiest worlds of the Imperium, home to the Space Wolves Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, an impregnable bastion of humanity's might... or is it? When the treacherous Word Bearers come to Fenris, it falls to Lukas the Trickster, the so-called Jackalwolf, to defend his home world from the interlopers. Can even his vaunted cunning defeat their machinations, or will Lukas – and his Chapter – fall to the Dark Gods?

Written by C Z Dunn

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