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The Victim's Dance

Ben Counter

The Victim's Dance

Hunted by sinister eldar Harlequins, the Space Wolves of Pack Hengild are drawn into the aliens’ strange ritual, and must play their roles to the bitter end if they are to survive.

It’s got more clever turns than a Harlequin’s dance. It’s thrilling to see the Space Wolves take on the alien’s deadly dance, and use their brains over brawn for once. And the twist at the end is fantastic and is one, we bet, even the harlequins didn’t see coming.

Amidst the shattered ruins of an ancient academy, the Space Wolves of Pack Hengild become the hunted rather than the hunter. The predators ranged against them are eldar, but not the citizens of the craftworlds or the gladiators of the Dark City – these are Harlequins, the strangest and most deadly of all that alien race. As the warrior-troupe re-enact an ancient eldar myth, with the Space Wolves in the role of their foes, it falls to Brother Tanngjost to play the part of the willing sacrifice if the warriors of Fenris are to have any chance of survival.

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