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Blood in the Machine Enhanced Audio Edition

Andy Smillie

Blood in the Machine Enhanced Audio Edition

The Flesh Tearers clash with their greenskin foe and their own Inquisition allies as they seek to secure a dangerous artefact from the wastes of Armageddon: an Imperator Titan.

On the war-torn world of Armageddon, Gabriel Seth and his Flesh Tearers accompany an Imperial inquisitor and her retinue on a mission of vital importance. But the inquisitor has a hidden agenda that could imperil not only Seth's mission, but the very existence of his Chapter... unless he takes drastic action.

Enhanced audio editions are a type of eBook incorporating audio elements and work best on certain types of eReader. To enjoy the full experience we recommend using the following devices: iPad, Android (using ePub3 compatible software), PC and Mac.

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