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A Warhammer Fantasy Battles novel

In the midst of a ruinous war against golblins and ogres, the young Reiksguard knight Delmar von Reinhardt discovers that even this most venerated of noble orders hides deadly secrets.

Brave knights on noble steeds, charging into massed ranks of enemies… This delivers all you'd want from a novel of the Reiksguard and more besides, with an intriguing mystery lurking at the heart of the tale.

The Reiksguard knights are entrusted with the sacred duty of the Emperor's protection from foes within and without. Under the command of Marshal Kurt Helborg, the Reiksguard live and breathe their code of loyalty, courage, strength and honour. But in the midst of a ruinous war, the young knight Delmar von Reinhardt discovers that this most venerated order hides deadly secrets. Battling an unholy alliance of a goblin warlord and an ogre tyrant, Delmar must unearth the truth no matter which noble knight he should find at its heart.

Written by Richard Williams

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