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The Eternal Crusader

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The Eternal Crusader

Join the space battles above Armageddon as the Black Templars wage war on the invading orks, commanded by High Marshal Helbrecht himself.

A Third War for Armageddon novella

See what drives one of the Imperium's most famed heroes! Fresh from a failed crusade (his first as leader of the Black Templars), High Marshal Helbrecht is determined not to repeat his mistakes. Willing to do anything, he'll push his Space Marines (and himself) to their limits to make sure he beats the orks at Armageddon.

Fresh from The Ghouls Stars Crusade, High Marshal Helbrecht gathers together as many of his Black Templars as he can and sets out to Armageddon, where Ghazghkhull's second invasion is underway. Given overall command of the void warfare around the beleaguered world, Helbrecht prepares to bring the battle to the greenskins as they arrive in the Armageddon system.

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