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Architect of Fate

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Architect of Fate

A Space Marine Battles anthology

Collected for the first time in a printed volume, the Architect of Fate novella series follows the daemonic schemes of Kairos Fateweaver, and his unwitting Space Marine pawns.

Four tales of different Space Marine Chapters battling the forces of Chaos across the galaxy. From small scale clashes to total war, all are drawn into the machinations of Kairos Fateweaver. But how does it all link together?


The Space Marines stand against the darkness, and yet on countless battlefields they play unwitting roles in the schemes of Fateweaver. From the doomed world of Ilissus, through the embattled corridors of the Endeavour of Will, to the borders of the Eye of Terror itself – friend and foe alike follow the great plan that he set in motion many thousands of years ago. But not even the Architect of Fate himself can foresee the destiny that lies in wait for him...

This anthology collects together four Space Marine Battles novellas:

Accursed Eternity by S P Cawkwell
Endeavour of Will by Ben Counter
Fateweaver by John French
Sanctus by Darius Hinks

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