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Warhammer: The End Times Collection


Warhammer: The End Times Collection

5 eBook novels for the price of 4

The gods of Chaos bring their plans to dominate the Warhammer World to dark fruition. Heroes of all races stand against them, but can they possibly be enough to hold back the darkness? Find out in five novels that chart the major events of the End Times.

Missed the end of the world? Get the whole story here at a discount as every novel is collected together into one literally earth-shattering file.

The Warhammer World is beset as never before. The Great Necromancer returns from the dead to walk the world once again. The lands of men are torn asunder by disease, civil war and the ravaging hordes of Chaos. In distant Ulthuan, the sundered elven people begin their final war, and deep beneath the earth, the ratlike skaven begin their greatest ever assault on their ancient foes, the noble dwarfs. And in the cold north, the servants of the Dark Gods gather beneath the banner of Archaon Everchosen, who awaits his moment to strike and bring ruin to all. These are the End Times.

The Return of Nagash by Josh Reynolds
The Fall of Altdorf by Chris Wraight
The Curse of Khaine by Gav Thorpe
The Rise of the Horned Rat by Guy Haley
The Lord of the End Times by Josh Reynolds

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