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Nagash: The eBook Bundle


Nagash: The eBook Bundle

A Warhammer Chronicles and Warhammer Age of Sigmar eBook bundle

Nagash was the first necromancer, creator of the vampire, lord of undeath – and now, in the Mortal Realms, a god ruling the underworlds. This eBook bundle contains five novels spanning his life and undeath, telling key moments in his eternal story.

Whether you're building your very own Legion of Nagash, want to know your enemy, or just fancy some damned good reads, this collection gives you five amazing novels all focused on one of Warhammer's most fascinating characters.

Nagash. The very name conjures a chill from beyond the grave. For untold millennia, from his humble beginnings as a mortuary-priest in a cult of the dead, to ruling the underworlds of the Mortal Realms, he has been a constant presence, and a perpetual threat. The five novels in this eBook collection tell key parts of Nagash's story, beginning in the early days of his life in the world-that-was, where he rose to prominence by scheming to kill his family and take the throne of a long-dead kingdom. The novels chart his conquest of his realm and his study of magic, creating necromancy, birthing the first vampires, warring with the rat-like skaven – and his overthrow and first death. They follow his servants who planned and executed his resurrection as the End Times engulfed the Old World. And they show his worshippers in the Mortal Realms, and why he is now known as the God of Death. This is the ultimate collection for anyone wanting to know more about Nagash – just be careful, for such knoweldge may endanger your very soul…

Written by Mike Lee and Josh Reynolds

Warhammer Chronicles: The Rise of Nagash (includes the novels Nagash the Sorcerer, Nagash the Undying and Nagash Immortal)
The End Times: The Return of Nagash
Nagash: The Undying King