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The Realmgate Wars eBook Collection


The Realmgate Wars eBook Collection

The Stormcast Eternals bring Sigmar's wrath to the Mortal Realms in the first three fantastic novels from Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The Realmgate Wars have begun!

Superhuman heroes battle all manner of monstrous foes across fantastical realms... Explore the Realms of Fire, Metal and Life and discover some of the secrets of the Stormcast and their enemies.

The Realmgate Wars have begun, Sigmar's Stormcast Eternals have spread across the Mortal Realms, bringing the wrath of the God-King to all the servants of the Chaos Gods. In the Realm of Fire, Vandus Hammerhand continues his crusade against Korghos Khul's Goretide, though portents show that it may cost him his life. In the Realm of Life, the Hallowed Knights seek an alliance with the Queen of the Radiant Wood, but if they cannot stop the forces of Nurgle from befouling the Hidden Vale, their plans will be for naught. And in the Realm of Metal, the Celestial Vinidcators seek the mightiest of prizes, one that will change the face of the Realmgate Wars... And when it is found, the Celestant-Prime is unleashed, ready to sweep Sigmar's foes from the Mortal Realm with Ghal Maraz itself!

This collection contains three books:
War Storm by Nick Kyme, Guy Haley and Josh Reynolds.
Ghal Maraz by Guy Haley and Josh Reynolds
Hammers of Sigmar by Darius Hinks and C L Werner

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