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Mighty Battles


Mighty Battles

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar collection

The war for the Mortal Realms has begun. Across all the lands that Sigmar once ruled, his armies, the mighty Stormcast Eternals, battle the forces of Chaos and seek allies to join the God-King's crusade. This collection brings together a novella, five novels and a dozen short stories that show the mighty battles of the Realmgate Wars.

It's the perfect introduction to the Age of Sigmar, giving you the first six months' worth of novels and short stories – a great initial primer!

The Age of Sigmar was heralded by thunderbolt and fury. The God-King's Stormcast Eternals struck into all seven realms, so that everywhere the foe might feel the wrath of Sigmar’s Tempest. Their crusades were only the beginning of a new age of battle, for many armies heard that clarion call to arms and new wars blossomed across the Mortal Realms. So began the Realmgate Wars, an eruption of escalating battles with the fate of the Mortal Realms hanging in the balance.

The Gates of Azyr by Chris Wraight
War Storm by Nick Kyme, Guy Haley & Josh Reynolds
Ghal Maraz by Guy Haley & Josh Reynolds
Hammers of Sigmar by Darius Hinks & C L Werner
Call of Archaon by David Annandale, David Guymer, Guy Haley & Rob Sanders
Wardens of the Everqueen by C L Werner
The Unending Storm by Nick Nyme
By the Horns & Daemon of the Deep by Rob Sanders
The Gift of Khorne & The Crystal of Fate by Guy Haley
The Last Gift by Josh Reynolds
The Prodigal by David Annandale
Gorechosen by Andy Clark
The Eighth Victory & The Sacrifice by Graeme Lyon
Godless by David Guymer
Lord of the Cosmic Gate by Gav Thorpe

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