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Scrape to Victory


Scrape to Victory

A Blood Bowl story

Skaven lineman Kikkit is on the brink of greatness – all it will take to seize his destiny (and avoid the Clan Moulder lab tables) is to take down a single halfling… that should be easy, right? Right?

Skaven backstabbing and intrigue come together with on-pitch action – including halflings! – in a tale of treachery (probably) and triumph (perhaps) that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Kikkit, a lowly Skaven lineman, is on the brink of getting the league’s ‘most injuries to downed opponent’ record – earning him a surefire tryout for the Skavenblight Scramblers if he can get one more downed opponent. And he needs the money - his ‘agent’ has sold Kikkit’s contract to get out of the debt. It’s 50,000 gold crowns or his body for the lab table; Clan Moulder don’t care which. Kikkit faces a hard choice – run for the hills or play in the Crookback Cretins’ final match of the season against the halflings of the Tinklebrook Trotters. Unfortunately, the halflings prove remarkably resilient. With time ticking away in sudden death extra time, Kikkit faces an impossible choice – save the team, or save himself?

Written by Gav Thorpe.

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