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Space Marine Battles: The Novels (Volume One)


Space Marine Battles: The Novels (Volume One)

10 Space Marine Battles novels!

This collection contains ten action-packed novels featuring the Space Marines at war against orks, necrons, daemons and much more.

The Space Marines are humanity's mightiest champions, genetically engineered post-humans with the strength of many, and equipped with the finest technology the Imperium has to offer. In this collection you get ten of the best Space Marine Battles novels, full of power-armoured action, xenos trickery and daemonic destruction.

The Space Marines are humanity's foremost defenders. Armed and armoured with the finest of wargear, and forged physically, mentally and psychologically to be the mightiest of warriors, they stand against mankind's myriad foes - monstrous aliens, twisted heretics and the warp-spawned forces of Chaos. Though their numbers are few, the Space Marines can turn the tide of any conflict, and across the Imperium, all those who would defy the Emperor's will feel their wrath.

by Ben Counter
Helsreach by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Pandorax by C Z Dunn
Death of Integrity by Guy Haley
Hunt for Voldorius by Andy Hoare
Fall of Damnos by Nick Kyme
Rynn's World by Steve Parker
Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders
Battle of the Fang and Wrath of Iron by Chris Wraight

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