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Tyranids Collection


Tyranids Collection

A Warhammer 40,000 Bundle

This eBundle brings together loads of stories of the Great Devourer, from many different perspectives – all of them shocking and horrible.

This eBook bundle showcases the horror of the tyranids, a voracious race of aliens from neighbouring galaxy who seek to devour all life – and saves money compared to buying the stories individually.


- The Great Devourer: The Leviathan Omnibus
Experience desperate battles against the most alien of foes in a series of tales that pits the Imperium, aeldari, and even the necrons against monstrous xenos horrors. Includes Valedor, Wraithflight, and The Last Days of Ector by Guy Haley, Deathstorm and Shadow of the Leviathan by Josh Reynolds, Tempestus by Braden Campbell, Devourer by Joe Parrino, The Word of the Silent King by L J Goulding, and Dread Night by Nick Kyme.

- Scythes of the Emperor
This anthology collects together six tales of the Scythes of the Emperor: the novel Slaughter at Giant's Coffin, as well as the short stories The Aegidan Oath, Heloth, Reclamation, Daedalus, and Terminal Velocity. Written by L J Goulding.

- The Devastation of Baal
This novel is an epic tale of triumph and tragedy, heroism and sacrifice, and sets the scene for the future of the Blood Angels – if they have one. Written by Guy Haley.

- The Fall of Malvolion
The Mordian Iron Guard take on tyranids and are swiftly forced to evacuate. Written by Dan Abnett

- Kraken
A tale of a Lone Wolf, one of the tragic Space Wolves who are last survivors of their pack and seek a mighty death so that they might join their comrades in the feasting halls of the afterlife, as he hunts a terrible alien beast. Written by Chris Wraight.

- Desert Raiders
An exciting running battle between hardy desert-dwelling warriors of the Imperium and the seemingly mindless, savage creatures of the tyranid hive fleets. Written by Lucien Soulban.

This item is available to order until 8am BST on Monday the 5th of June 2023.

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