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Honour and Vengeance: Uriel Ventris vs Honsou


Honour and Vengeance: Uriel Ventris vs Honsou

A Warhammer 40,000 bundle

Brought together for the first time, the complete tale of Ultramarines Captain Uriel Ventris and Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou, star-crossed foes fated to face one another in battle. This bundle contains 7 novels, 1 novella and 12 short stories telling the long tale of their enmity.

These interlinked tales by Graham McNeill are presented together, with a recommended reading order, for the first time ever! From Ventris taking command of Fourth Company, to battle on Medrengard and Honsou's invasion of Ultramar, the whole story so far is here.

On the Eastern Fringes of the galaxy, Uriel Ventris of the Ultramarines ascends to the captaincy of the Fourth Company, continuing a legacy of honour that stretches back ten millennia. In the Eye of Terror, Honsou, an Iron Warriors half-breed tainted with the blood of the Legion's arch-enemies, fights to survive in the brutal meatgrinder of war that is his life. But these two have a shared destiny, and as the threads of fate draw them together, neither will be left unchanged…

This digital collection contains the complete story (so far) of Ventris and Honsou, including their early battles, their tumultuous first meeting and the paths that drew them back together once more for a climactic showdown that threatened all of Ultramar.

Written by Graham McNeill

This collection includes 7 novels, 1 novella and 12 short stories. These stories link together to form a wide-ranging narrative, and are best read in the following order:

1) Chains of Command (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 1)
2) Nightbringer (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 1)
3) Storm of Iron
4) Leviathan (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 1)
5) Warriors of Ultramar (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 1)
6) Consequences (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 1)
7) The Enemy of My Enemy
8) Dead Sky, Black Sun (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 1)
9) The Killing Ground (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 2)
10) The Heraclitus Effect
11) Courage and Honour (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 2)
12) The Skull Harvest
13) Iron Warrior
14) The Chapter's Due (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 2)
15) Eye of Vengeance (in Uriel Ventris: Volume 2)
16) The Iron Without
17) The Beast of Calth
18) The Corpse Road
19) Codex
20) Do Eagles Still Circle The Mountain?