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The Third War for Armageddon


The Third War for Armageddon

A Warhammer 40,000 anthology

Fourteen tales from the war-torn world of Armageddon! The novel Helsreach, the novellas Blood and Fire, Eternal Crusader, Dante’s Canyon and Angron’s Monolith, and the short stories The Relic, At Gaius Point, The Third War, In the Depths of Hades, A Hero’s Death, Of Gods and Men, Season of Shadows, Only Blood and Unbroken.

Armageddon is a byword for endless carnage. Invaded by Chaos once and orks twice, the strategically vital hive world has suffered centuries of warfare. Many of the Imperium's greatest heroes have fought and died here. This collection of stories tells some of their tales.

Nearly sixty years ago, the Great Beast Ghazghkull Thraka led the largest ork Waaagh! for millennia to the world of Armageddon. He was defeated and cast back into the void... But now he returns, and he means to drown the defenders of the hive world beneath a sea of orks. The Imperial defence is led by the might of the Space Marines - Black Templars, White Scars, Flesh Tearers and others still. Behind them the massed ranks of the Astra Militarum stand firm against the greenskin tide, and all are determined that Ghazghkull Thraka will once again be defied.

, Blood and Fire & At Gaius Point by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
A Hero's Death by Toby Frost
The Relic by Jonathan Green
Eternal Crusader, Only Blood & Season of Shadows by Guy Haley
The Third War by Ray Harrison
In the Depths of Hades by Nick Kyme
Angron's Monolith by Steve Lyons
Dante's Canyon by Josh Reynolds
Of Gods and Men by Andy Smillie
Unbroken by Chris Wraight