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The Beast Arises Hardback Bundle


The Beast Arises Hardback Bundle

All 12 hardbacks for the price of 10

The orks are back, and the galaxy will never be the same. Heroes rise. Worlds burn. A Space Marine Chapter is destroyed. And legends return, when the Beast Arises.

It's your first look at an unexplored era of Warhammer 40,000 history. The series delivers intense action, drama, tragedy, politics and, of course, more orks than you can fire a bolter at. The Beast Arises is a singular story told across twelve books packed with revelations that will lay the groundwork for the Imperium we know and love.

1,500 years have passed since the end of the Horus Heresy, and the Imperium is at peace. The Space Marines keep the galaxy safe and the High Lords of Terra busy themselves with politicking and infighting. But something has been out there in the darkness, waiting... The orks have returned, and they are more powerful than ever before. Can the Imperium hope to survive when The Beast Arises?

This bundle includes all 12 novels in The Beast Arises series, all in hardback format.

Book 1: I Am Slaughter by Dan Abnett
Book 2: Predator, Prey by Rob Sanders
Book 3: The Emperor Expects by Gav Thorpe
Book 4: The Last Wall by David Annandale
Book 5: Throneworld by Guy Haley
Book 6: Echoes of the Long War by David Guymer
Book 7: The Hunt for Vulkan by David Annandale
Book 8: The Beast Must Die by Gav Thorpe
Book 9: Watchers in Death by David Annandale
Book 10: The Last Son of Dorn by David Guymer
Book 11: Shadow of Ullanor by Rob Sanders
Book 12: The Beheading by Guy Haley