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Tales of the Greater Good


Tales of the Greater Good

A T'au Empire bundle

For the Greater Good, the Fire Warriors of the T'au Empire do battle and expand their empire. This collection brings together a plethora of novels, novellas and short stories showing the Tau at war.

It's an unparalleled collection of fiction showcasing the might of the T'au Empire – and also their determination to prevail against all odds. And with several of the tales exploring the aliens from an Imperial perspective, it's a fantastic look at their culture from within and without.

The T'au Empire is a rising force in the galaxy. Ruled by the mysterious Ethereals and bound together in pursuit of the Greater Good of their race, five castes work as one to conquer the stars. With advanced weaponry, powerful battlesuits and their noble ideals, the warriors of the Fire Caste are at the forefront of the t'au expansion, bringing enlightenment to their enemies down the barrels of their guns.

This collection explores the T'au Empire at war – both from their own perspective and that of the Imperium – across four novels, seven novellas and eight short stories*.

The Arkunasha War by Andy Chambers
Fire Caste by Peter Fehervari
Blades of Damocles by Phil Kelly
Fire Warrior by Simon Spurrier
Kill Team by Gav Thorpe
Damocles which includes the stories Black Leviathan by Ben Counter, Broken Sword by Guy Haley, Blood Oath by Phil Kelly & Hunter's Snare by Josh Reynolds
Legends of the Dark Millennium: The Tau Empire which includes the stories Aun'Shi, Commander Shadow and Shadowsun: The Last of Kiru's Line by Braden Campbell, A Sanctuary of Wyrms, Out Caste and the brand new novella Fire and Ice by Peter Fehervari, Farsight by Phil Kelly, The Patient Hunter by Joe Parrino and The Kauyon and The Tau'va by Andy Smillie.

*Novellas and short stories are contained within anthologies.