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Summer of Reading 2015: Week 1 Collection


Summer of Reading 2015: Week 1 Collection

Seven action-packed tales from the 41st millennium and Horus Heresy, released over seven days. Grab this great value collection and get all seven stories for the price of five.

It's the easiest (and best value) way to get your hands on these seven fantastic short stories:

'The Cost of Command' by Sandy Mitchell
'Whiteout' by Andy Clark
'Monolith' by Chris Dows
'Hollow Beginnings' by Mark Clapham
'Dishonoured' by Ray Harrison
'The Wreckage' by David Annandale
'The Eagle's Talon' by John French

Across the galaxy, war rages. Immense armies lay siege to mighty fortresses and entire continents quake under bombardments from starships the size of cities. Yet it is not big guns or legions of warriors that decide the fate of worlds, but the actions of brave heroes. This collection contains seven tales of such noble warriors, from the Elysian Drop Trooper Zachariah, who takes on a force of Chaos Space Marines near single-handed, to Marshal Helbrecht of the Black Templars, for whom losing an arm in the line of duty is an honour.