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Summer of Reading 2014 (eBook Collection)


Summer of Reading 2014 (eBook Collection)

Save over 15% on this collection that contains brand new stories from John French, Nick Kyme, David Annandale, Chris Wraight and Guy Haley.

From the war-torn world of Armageddon to the depths of the Eye of Terror, this collection contains five tales of heroism featuring characters such as Ahriman and Commissar Yarrick.

In this Collection

Ctesias, an ancient Space Marine and former prisoner of Amon of the Thousand Sons, tells the tale of one of the events that led him to his destiny.
ONYX - By Chris WraightWhen the mining installation of Valmar's Gorge comes under attack, it seems like the end of the world for Kaivon and his fellow workers. After all, the alien raiders who now plague them have wiped so many other installations from the face of the Imperium'
DEVIL'S TRAPPINGS - By Nick KymeSergeant Lorkar and his Marines Malevolent land on Demetrion, a broken hulk of a space station, searching for salvage to shore up their own ragged supplies.
SEASON OF SHADOWS - By Guy HaleyOn the war-torn world of Armageddon, the Season of Fire is abating and the Season of Shadows beginning, and Marshal Brusc of the Black Templars faces a long journey across the ash wastes.
YARRICK: THE GALLOWS SAINT- By David AnnandaleFresh from his victory against traitors on Mistral, Commissar Yarrick deploys to Abydos to watch a great triumph in honour of the forces who liberated the world from the grip of the alien tau.