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Summer of Reading: Week 3 Collection


Summer of Reading: Week 3 Collection

Seven classic stories of war and mayhem from the archive. Explore the 41st millennium with a great value collection to receive every story and save some money into the bargain.

Delve into the Black Library archives with seven classic tales from the 41st millennium – the collection is the most convenient way to get your hands on the following short stories:

'A Mug of Recaff' by Sandy Mitchell
'Vermilion' by Ben Counter
Irixa by Ben Counter
'Thunder from Fenris' by Nick Kyme
'The Arkunasha War' by Andy Chambers
'Bitter End' by S P Cawkwell
'Hunters' by Braden Campbell

The Imperial Fists march to war, the Space Wolves hunt their quarry across the snow and the tau clash with orks in the deadly rust deserts of Arkunasha with a week of action-packed stories where the only certainty is that death will come swiftly.