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Sons of Sanguinius: The Blood Angels Digital Collection


Sons of Sanguinius: The Blood Angels Digital Collection

Every tale of the Blood Angels and their Successors, in a great value eBook bundle

The noble Blood Angels, gore-soaked Flesh Tearers and savage Blood Drinkers take centre stage in a collection of digital stories that show the glorious victories and dark secrets of the sons of Sanguinius.

It includes James Swallow's saga of Brother Rafen and the Blood Angels civil war, the complete Flesh Tearers series from Andy Smillie, charting both the Chapter's origins and its latter days, and loads more besides – ready to fill your eBook reader at a fantastic saving.

The Blood Angels and their brother Chapters are amongst the Imperium's most dedicated defenders. But all the sons of Sanguinius harbour a dark secret, a pair of curses that threaten to strip them of their sanity and turn them into blood-crazed killers.

This eBook collection contains contains 6 novels, 4 novellas and 33 Quick Reads* charting some of the greatest battles of the Blood Angels, Flesh Tearers and other Successor Chapters, as they fight the enemies of the Imperium and their own dark urges.

This digital bundle includes the following eBooks in a zip file:

Eclipse of Hope
Mephiston: Lord of Death
Honour and Wrath
The Blood Angels Collection
Blood Debt
Reflection in Blood
Dante: Lord of the Host
The Sanguinor: Exemplar of the Host
Heart of Rage
The Fury
Sin of Damnation (inc. Sanguis Irae)
Blood of Sanguinius
The Word of the Silent King
The Blooding
Bad Blood
The Chalice
Sons of Wrath
Flesh of Cretacia
Trial by Blood
A Son's Burden
Crimson Night
At Gaius Point
The Blood of Angels
The Rite of Holos
Death of Integrity

*Some of these Quick Reads are individual files, while others are included in anthologies.