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Grey Knights Digital Bundle


Grey Knights Digital Bundle

A Warhammer 40,000 bundle

Celebrate the release of Codex: Grey Knights with a fantastic bundle of eBooks and MP3 audio dramas featuring the silver-clad warriors of Chapter 666 as they defend humanity from the ravages of the daemons of Chaos.

It's a definitive collection of Grey Knights tales, from the over-the-top action of Ben Counter's classic novels to stories like 'The Emperor' Gift', that show the dark side of these pure heroes, and introspective tales such as 'The Ghost Halls'.

The Grey Knights are servants of the Ordo Malleus, imperious, incorruptible warriors, whose very purpose is to seek out and destroy the most dangerous foes that humanity will ever face; daemons. Armed and armoured with the trappings of a daemonhunter, these stalwart Adeptus Astartes bring death and destruction to the immortal denizens of the warp. Girded by faith, wielders of the nemesis force halberd, the Grey Knights step where others will not tread. Theirs is the hardest task, risking their immortal souls in pursuit of the hungry entities of Chaos, the Imperium's arch foes. Without the Grey Knights, humanity would be but a feast on the sacrificial altar of darkness...

This bundle contains a host of eBooks and MP3 audio dramas collecting together over a dozen of the Grey Knights' battles in defence of humanity.

This digital bundle includes the following eBooks and MP3 audio dramas in a zip file:
Sons of Titan, Blade of Purity (MP3) & Warden of the Blade by David Annandale
The Grey Knights Omnibus and Sacrifice by Ben Counter
The Emperors Gift by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Pandorax by C Z Dunn
Crucible by John French
Mortarion's Heart (MP3), The Ghost Halls & Kaldor Draigo: Knight of Titan by L J Goulding
Dreadknight by Nick Kyme
The Prisoner by Graham McNeill
Witness by Joe Parrino

Also includes a selection of Grey Knights digital wallpapers