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Sabbat Worlds Crusade Collection 2


Sabbat Worlds Crusade Collection 2

A Sabbat Worlds Crusade Collection

This collection contains loads of short stories in a digital format which explore some of the lesser-known engagements of the Sabbat Crusade, including actions by the Tanith First and Only, the Volpone Bluebloods, and the Space Marines of the Iron Snakes Chapter.

This pair of anthologies takes a more intimate look at some of the smaller, but no less important events of the sprawling crusade.

While the Sabbat Worlds Crusade swirls, barely in check, the men and women who fight and die on both sides push ever onwards. Each soldier takes it on one mission at a time, and sometimes the smallest action can have far-reaching effects on the wider conflict.

This bundle includes two anthologies, each packed with fiction from some of your favourite authors.

Sabbat Cruade includes the following short stories:
Family, You Never Know, Ghosts and Bad Shadows, and A Ghost Return by Dan Abnett
The Blood Bound by Rob Sanders
Son of Sek by John French
Tempest by Nick Kyme
Viduity and The Fissure by Nik Vincent
The Deeper Wounds by David Annandale
Arnogaur by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
The Inheritor King by Matthew Farrer

Sabbat War includes the following short stories:
This is What Victory Feels Like (Forever the Same) and From There to Here by Dan Abnett
Whose Voice is Heard No More by Graham McNeill
Glory Flight by Robert Rath
The Death of the Prophet by Marc Collins
Nineteen-Three Coreward, Resolved by Matthew Farrer
The Tomb of Vichres by Justin D Hill
Deep by Edoardo Albert
Armaduke by John French
Indomitable Spirit by Rachel Harrison

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