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Black Templars: Quick Reads Collection


Black Templars: Quick Reads Collection

The Space Marines of the Black Templars are valiant warrior-knights who have carved their names into legend through millennia of war, honour and sacrifice. They are the pious champions of the Emperor and the fanatical devotion of their battle-brothers has driven them to deliver righteous retribution against every traitor, alien and daemonic abomination to have been foolish enough to face them.


In this collection:

Season of Shadows by Guy Haley
Helbrecht: The Crusader by Guy Haley
Bitter Salvage by Nick Kyme
Visage of Zeal by C Z Dunn
The Emperor's Chosen by Mike Lee
The Relic by Jonathan Green
And They Shall Know no Fear by Darren Cox
Eternal Crusader by Guy Haley
Blood and Fire by Aaron Dembski-Bowden