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Alien Invasion: The Xenos Digital Collection


Alien Invasion: The Xenos Digital Collection

10 novels, 5 novellas & 24 Quick Reads in a great value eBook bundle

Mankind may rule the galaxy, but many alien races inhabit the galaxy, awaiting their chance to strike and tear down the crumbling Imperium. This collection brings together tales about the Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Tau and Orks in one fantastic value digital bundle.

If you're a fan of the Imperium's alien foes (or just want to find out more about them – know your enemy and all that), this bundle will fill your eBook reader with everything you need, a plethora of stories covering mankind's xenos foes – from their own perspectives.

Long ago, the Great Crusade spread across the galaxy, exterminating many alien races and scattering others as mankind built its Imperium. Now, ten thousand years later, the xenos are resurgent, warring with the Imperium on a thousand fronts, determined to tear it down and restore their own empires to prominence.

This eBook collection includes 10 novels, 5 novellas and 24 Quick Reads from the perspective of the Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Tau Empire and Necrons.

This digital bundle includes the following eBooks in a zip file:
Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan, Path of the Warrior, Path of Seer, Path of the Outcast, The Curse of Shaa-Dom, Valedor, Wraithflight, The Carnac Campaign, Farseer, Howl of the Banshee, The Path Forsaken, The Victim's Dance, Faces
Dark Eldar
The Treasures of Biel-Tanigh, Path of the Renegade, Bellathonis and the Shadow King, Path of the Incubus, Path of the Archon, 
Tau Empire
Fire Warrior, Shas'O, Farsight
Devourer, Cold Steel, The Lords of Borsis, The Word of the Silent King
Engine of Mork, Evil Sun Rising