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The Novels: Volume Five


The Novels: Volume Five

Five novels for the price of four

The Blood Angels discover the truth behind Chaos, Perturabo and Fulgrim venture into the heart of darkness and the Shadow Crusade rampages across Ultramar in this fifth collection of Horus Heresy novels

Chaos weirdness takes centre stage in this collection of books as the traitors' crusade into Ultramar continues with Betrayer. Sanguinius and his Blood Angels confront otherworldly forces in Fear to Tread and Fulgrim and Perturabo hunt an ancient weapon hidden on a Crone World in Angel Exterminatus. Two other great short story collections, Mark of Calth and Shadows of Treachery, round out this bumper read.

The Great Crusade should have cleansed all superstition and ignorance from the galaxy – but fate is not without a sense of irony. With the forces of Chaos now sinking their claws into the primarchs and their Legions, all the devils and monsters of mankind's darkest nightmares join the fray. The Heresy is no longer a war simply for the Imperium, but for humanity's very soul...

This eBook collection contains the following novels and anthologies:
Fear to Tread by James Swallow
Shadows of Treachery by various authors
Angel Exterminatus by Graham McNeill
Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Mark of Calth by various authors