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Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris (Limited Edition)


Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris (Limited Edition)

– A Primarchs Limited Edition
– Only 2,500 available
– Written by Chris Wraight

For long years, the White Scars have fought for the Imperium, bringing worlds to compliance. But when a new project, to embed psykers in the Space Marine Legions, seems likely to come to fruition, Jaghatai Khan must decide if he will comply…

Chris Wraight returns to the Khan of Khans with a tale set at the height of the Great Crusade and showing the momentous decisions that, in some ways, led to the darkest events of the Horus Heresy.

Ever since the Imperium's discovery of Chogoris, the White Scars' culture of warrior mysticism has sat uneasily with the ideals of Unity. As the Crusade burns across the stars, their enigmatic primarch Jaghatai Khan fights to preserve their distinctiveness amid a galaxy where cold rationality holds sway. Despite his self-imposed isolation, others in the brotherhood of primarchs seek to draw him into the greatest ideological battle of them all – the place of psychic power within the Legions. As the Librarius project is born, and opposition to it grows, the Khan must decide where his greatest allegiance lies – to the Imperial Truth, or to his own heritage.

Written by Chris Wraight

– 208 page hardback
– Magnetic presentation box with grey soft touch cover and silver foil
– Cloth-wrapped spine with silver foil
– Black ribbon marker with silver gilt-edged page
– Matt laminated covers include a crop of unique artwork which is reproduced in full in the interior
– Each copy is uniquely numbered from an edition of 2,500 copies