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Legacy of the Wulfen


Legacy of the Wulfen

A Space Wolves omnibus

The return of the Wulfen – a long-buried secret from the Space Wolves' past – sets the Chapter on a course towards destruction! As Chaos erupts on Fenris, and the Chapter's heroes are beset, things look bleak for the sons of Russ…

It's the two fantastic novels from War Zone Fenris – by David Annandale and Robbie MacNiven – collected together in a single volume for the first time. It's all the Fenrisian action you could want, and then some. Vlka Fenryka!

The Space Wolves are a proud and fierce Chapter, who have a long and storied history. Not all of their sagas, however, are glorious. There are secrets buried deep in their past, and enemies eternal, earned by acts committed in a lost and half-forgotten age. When the worlds of Fenris come under attack from a malevolent daemon tide, all who serve the Fang answer. War engulfs the Space Wolves as never before, but amongst the carnage lurks a greater horror: the return of their lost brothers, the dark legacy of Russ. Can the Space Wolves survive the revelation of the Wulfen?

Curse of the Wulfen by David Annandale
Legacy of Russ by Robbie MacNiven

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