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Drachenfels eBook Collection


Drachenfels eBook Collection

A Warhammer Horror bundle

Experience the adventures of the vampire Genevieve and others in a collection of four eBooks exploring the darker side of the world-that-was.

Each of the titles in this bundle is a classic, from the very first Warhammer fantasy novel – Drachenfels – to a thrilling murder mystery and two collections of shorter tales that delve into darkness as only a master of horror writing can.

Across the centuries, the vampire Genevieve has had many adventures. Born to a noble family in Bretonnia, she joined the aristocracy of the night when she was given the blood kiss. Eschewing the wars and intrigue of her vampire brethren, she joined the world of men, living in many places across the years. During the reign of Karl Franz, she came to prominence when she helped defeat the Great Enchanter, Drachenfels – and her part in the events that followed, as well as many more of her adventures, and those of the men and women in her life, are explored in this collection of four eBooks that delve into the darker side of the world-that-was.

Written by Kim Newman

Genevieve Undead
Silver Nails
Beasts in Velvet

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