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The Skeleton Key

Blood Bowl

The Skeleton Key

A Blood Bowl story

There's a lot riding on the Dungeonbowl: it's being touted as a clash between good and evil. But disaffected greenskins and a grumpy mummy might throw a spanner in the works…

It's packed with your recommended daily intake of anarchic Blood Bowl mayhem, but with a distinctly horror-themed flavour (dungeons and mummies – totally counts).

The mummy Ramtut, star player of the Champions of Death, already disgusted by what he perceives as the sad decline of the game since his days among the living, is further dismayed by the atmosphere surrounding the Dungeonbowl. Against all expectations, the sickeningly moral Bright Crusaders have reached this championship, and the overwhelmingly human audience is cheering a match promoted as a mythical clash between Good and Evil. But unknown to either team, a group of disaffected greenskin supporters have plans of their own for the outcome of the game.

Written by David Annandale.

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