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Doc Morgrim's Vow

Blood Bowl

Doc Morgrim's Vow

A Blood Bowl short story

When a Blood Bowl team from the Old World takes a trip to the cold north, the stakes are more than just victory for Doc Morgrim – his very freedom is at stake.

It's been a long time, but Blood Bowl is back! And this brand new short story has on-pitch action and off-field intrigue – everything you could want out of a tale from the astrogranite.

Having sworn an oath and despite his misgivings, Doc Morgrim is returning to Norsca and the hold of Krakadrak to take part in the Tournament of a Hundred Woes. His Blood Bowl team, the Middenplatz Manglers, must prove their mettle against The Dragon's Hold Drakeslayers in a game where victory will not only determine the spoils but something much more important to Morgrim... his freedom!

Written by Josh Reynolds

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