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The Hack Attack

Blood Bowl

The Hack Attack

A Blood Bowl story

Tonight, Where Are They Now looks back on one of the all-time great Blood Bowl teams: the Bad Bay Hackers. Whatever happened to them, and is there any future for the team? Find out now…

It's a capstone to the classic Blood Bowl novels by Matt Forbeck, looking at the fates of the characters with the same anarchic humour as the original books.

The top-ranked Cabalvision show Where are They Now? is turning its attention to one of the greatest Blood Bowl teams of the past – the Bad Bay Hackers. What are the players up to now – did Dunk and Spinne ever tie the knot, did Edgar ever put down roots, and what possible employment could the ogre M’Grash K’Thragsh find after retiring from the game? As for Dirk, now team captain and co-coach, what are his plans once he retires and how will these impact on Jim and Bob, the eternally cheerful Cabalvision co-presenters?

Catch up with the stars of the Bad Bay Hackers in this wonderful retrospective by Blood Bowl novels author Matt Forbeck.

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